NMC Announces Annual Meet and Meeting Schedule
​January 10, 2020

The NMC announces times and dates for Annual Meet and Meeting activities at the NPA Grand National in Amarillo, TX. 
Judging begins: Friday, January 24th 8:00 am
​Annual Meeting: Saturday, January 25th 10:30 am

A message from Shane Plummer, President
November 28, 2019

Some parts of California are under regional quarantine due to Virulent Newcastle Disease (VND). These restrictions and the resulting move of the 2020 NPA Grand National shuffled the California pigeon show season for all breeds and caused hardship for our 6th District NMC Meet. Scott Haugen, 6th District Director, was able to place our Meet with the Nor Cal Pigeon Fanciers Winter Classic Pigeon Show on December 7th. Modena exhibitors are restricted on movement of their birds making it hard to get enough exhibitors able to attend this first appearance of the NMC at this show.

Scott considered a number of scenarios on who could come to the show and then who would be available to judge. Scott determined the best option was for him to judge the show and allow other NMC members to exhibit their birds.

Our Bylaws prohibit the Director from judging his District Meet (see Article V, Section 10). The NMC Board of Directors and Officers (BOD) discussed several scenarios and considered a number of options, a workable alternative was not found. Therefore, Scott will resign his position in order to judge the 6th District Meet.  I will refill the vacancy after the show by reappointing Scott to the position.

The BOD found this to be the best scenario available to us while trying to deal with the extraordinary hardship presented by the regional quarantine and still respecting our Club’s Bylaws.​

​Sincerely,  Shane Plummer