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October 27, 2018 - Bulletin Issue 2 2018 (advance copy) Proposals to be considered by the membership

Dear NMC Members,

I hope this message finds you well. My message to you today is to inform you in an official club capacity something important and that our board of directors has been discussing at length. This message will be published here and the website as it is important to get the news out to members as quickly as possible.
In the last NMC Bulletin there were 16 proposals submitted to be voted on at the annual meet to change the club's Constitution and Bylaws. Thank you to all those that participated. For these proposals to be eligible for vote at the NMC annual meet in January, our bylaws read that any proposal needs to be published in the bulletin 90 days in advance of the annual meet.

The printed version of the bulletin was postmarked 13th November, 18 days short the 90 day rule. There was an electronic bulletin emailed to membership for those that do not get the printed version and placed on the website, October 27th. The bylaws read: "Proposed changes by members must be submitted in writing or electronically mailed to the Secretary and published in the Bulletin (90) days in advance of the annual meeting."
A vote from the board took place whether to allow voting on the 16 proposals "published" within the bulletin based on the language as written. The vote was 3 for and 7 against. The 16 proposals will not be voted on at the annual meet in January. However, they will be discussed in the membership meeting.
Please do not place any blame towards our Bulletin Editor. You would be wholly wrong if you attempted to do that. No fault of his at all. He is an amazing asset of the club and we are lucky to have him!

Any proposals to amend the Constitution and Bylaws must be submitted and published in the bulletin 90 days prior to the 2020 annual meet.
I've functioned as club President for nearly a year. I have learned our club is full of very passionate members who love Modenas and the traditions of the club. This passion is probably what helps us through the rigor and joy of being a Modena breeder! But these passions can at times if not kept bridled, can lead to hard feelings when in reality I think we all want the same thing. A great club and members who become life long friends.
I will do everything I can to enforce and follow our club's rules as written. Our current bylaws have functioned wonderfully for the club for many many decades. We now live in a much different world with advancements in technology and communication. The Board is united in wanting to update our bylaws and bring the club into the modern age. Know that we have very good people and will work together to the common goal to help our club prosper. Please communicate with your director and lend a helping hand however you can.

I appreciate your support and let us work together to make tomorrow better than today.  I hope to see you at the National.
Kind regards,
Shane Plummer, President

November 27 27, 2018 - message from Shane Plummer, President